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Joel Siméus sagt über sich selbst:

Like so many lost little European small town boys during that period of the nineties when the east coast sound had its glory days I found myself getting more and more into listening to the big names of that era like Nas, Mobb Deep, Black Moon etc and that’s how I got into music and discovered its potential for escape from every day life as a twelve year old Swedish white kid.

Most people probably look for songs and artists that they can relate to, music that tell their story but for me it was all about escape. I remember sitting in my grandmothers bedroom listening to Nas’s stories of violence and crimes with my mouth wide open and now as an adult I think what really made me enjoy it was the same thing that makes you enjoy an action movie. It lets you take part in a story of adventure and life and death and danger in the comfort of your own home thousands of miles away from those places the artist is talking about. In my teenage years I grew away from it just like you grow too big to really enjoy children’s stories.

I started listening to other music, other genres and outsider hip hop like Anticon and Def Jux really became larger than life to me. It started to dawn on me that you could be different and still be great and have your own voice without putting an X in any box of a genre and just skipping the genre fill-out form all together. It didn’t do wonders for my school work but it definitely gave me a home, and a sense of belonging musically. It made me proud to be exactly the person I was. I started questioning everything around me, and music was my quiet teenage riot so to speak. I turned into a good boy with a wicked and twisted mind and I loved every second of it. It wasn’t until I turned 21 and had my first identity crisis that I realized I seriously needed my own creative output and that’s how I started to make music during a period of typical modern day youth unemployment.

Now only six years and running into my musical eh…career? I have had the pleasure of working with people from all over this planet who apart for some details share the same story as me and I have had the great luck to be featured on a few very interesting projects. I do all my music on my computer and always have. Its the same computer I am typing on right now in my kitchen in fact. But you know what? Its not about what you got, its how you bring it down on a soft skull that counts! Thank you postrap for providing me with yet another window of opportunity through which to get weird with it!

Enjoy the music or force it on others!



Milled Pavement Soloalben

The tall tales of Woody Oaks (2008)
Country Pink (2010)
Off Season Resorts (2010 – 2011)

Milled Pavement Kollaborationen

MDRSKP1 – Angst (2010)
Bokklubben – Det postintellektuella manifestet (2011)

Andere Werke

Luana records untitled split 7″ vinyl with FRKSE (release number: lr01)
Joel Simeus and Jamesphoney – Book of Marion 12″ vinyl (on plancklength records)


Jamesphoney and Jamesreindeer – Rough Tongue Surfaces (I did all except 2 beats. label: EmBen Digital(MP)/Decorative Stamp)
Jamesphoney and Audio88 – Estetik (One beat, for the song called „Smut“, I dont know what label. A German one I think.)
Moshe – The end of Sacrifice (The thinning the heard remix album) (Remixed the track called „Dirt Nap“) (Milled Pavement Records)
Jamesphoney – Hugely overrated by a tiny few (Milled Pavement Records) (tracks: etc revisited, robotic hummings, tackiest happiness, we did not invent poetry.)

Free stuff for download

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Less than dirt (a virtual mixtape) featuring guest vocals by James Reindeer on one track
beats breaks and big smiles presents: Freeloader by Joel Simeus (mix)