No Rules No Frames

Interpret: Joel Simeus & Smokey131
Featuring: smokey131
Katalog-Nr.: POD-007
Release-Datum: 20.10.2011


Pünktlich zur Herbstdepression haben postrap-Urgestein Smokey131 und der Starkeinkauf aus Schweden Joel Siméus gemeinsam ein Brett von einem Album gezimmert. Es ist ein Beat-Tape, von vorne bis hinten durchkomponiert und ineinander gemixt. Nichts zum Skippen, nichts für Weichspüler und Fahrzugfahrer.

Für jeden der Bilder und seinen eigenen Film im Kopf hat dagegen perfekt geeignet. Einfach die Augen schließen von diesem 55-minütigen psychedelischen, vor Spannung strotzenden, drum- und samplelastigen Beat-Soundtrack tragen lassen.


Joel Siméus and Smokey131….what madness will the gods think of next? No rules, no frames is simply a mix of Smokey131 and Joel Siméus beats. I had heard Chris’s productions on other artists albums and I have always enjoyed his work. The first time it really hit me how much I enjoyed his work was when I heard a remix he had done for German rapper called Cocon. At the time I was working with THMS, Plunge Attempt and Dj Madwrist on a project called Angst under the collective name of MDRSKP1 (short for Moderskeppet). Smokey was kind enough to do a remix of our song Kommunikationsproblem for that album and thats basically how we became familiar with each other. A lot of time passed after that but we slowly began talking about how much we had in common as far as taste in music and influences and after some messaging back and forth we decided our different styles really sounded quite nice put together. Smokey’s heavy drums together with my…well my something or other, really made a nice blend! I’m not going to hype this release here because to be honest I think the music will probably give you a better picture of how it worked out and that’s why I loved working on this so much. There was no concept, no pressure and no need to try and create something superior to our earlier stuff. We just wanted to have fun with it and in that aspect I will always consider it a success. Enjoy!


1. Side A
2. Side B