XNDL has spent over a decade behind the turntables, focusing on turntablism since 1998 and producing since 2002.

In 1999 he founded the Offbeaters artist community, in 2001 the Offbeat Network followed by the indie- record-label SUBVERSIV* REC in 2002.

For about 5 years SUBVERSIV*REC has been released more than 45 releases presenting a lot of underground/abstract hiphop artists from collectives like Anticon, Project Blowed, Afterlife, Plague Language or Shadowanimals and even their own artists, The Offbeaters. On December 2007 SUBVERSIV*REC. closed it´s doors and XNDL started a small project/sublabel called COGNITIVE*DEFECT what is specialized in more experimental Elektronika.

As a producer, he’s been turning heads around the world with his music ranging from hip hop to electronic to drum and bass/brokenbeats. Since 2002 he has also done the mastering of numerous releases featuring artists like Botanica Del Jibaro, Shapeshifters, Anticon, Plague Language and many others.

He was responsible for the production of the international group GUNPORN (SIAZ/Cavemen Speak, NOMAD /Cavemen Speak, MARCUS Graap /Stacs of Stamina and BLEUBIRD /Endemik) and he is also producing for ANCIENT MITH / Motion Recordings as ruSHYA. Besides these projects he is working on numerous dark electronic/soundtrack-projects with his mate CFX and even his solo-stuff – featuring artists like Brzowski, Epic, Time, soda and many more.

He also has a faible for strange cover-versions and is a remarkable singer without ever having the intention to be one. His alter-ago for vocal-appearances is XOX.

Besides his musical activities he’s got a a professional IT degree and a 2nd University degree as a „Manager of information & Business communication“.